Huruma Town Youth Group (HYTG) is a self-help group based in Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya.  The group was registered by the Government of Kenya in the year 2008. The three founding members of the group namely Kevin Uduny, Simon Kibue and Zablon Owiti founded it with the aim and mission of improving the living standards of its members and empowering their local community.  As of the year 2020, the groups’ now 28 members are actively engaged in different projects and activities.

The group undertakes different projects but mainly focuses on five that are:-
Urban farming
Water vending
Table banking
Sports development
Garbage collection & environmental cleanliness

The group has also been involved in numerous initiatives of which some are from the government of Kenya and others from NGOs and other private organizations.

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Environmental Cleanliness

The environmental cleanliness project is as old as the group and mainly entails clean-ups and waste management activities.

Urban Farming

Since 2010, the group practices horticulture, dairy goat and indigenous poultry farming. The produce from farming is sold and consumed by the local community.

Table Banking

In 2014 HTYG started table banking: a savings and loaning platform for its members. This project was started after taking into consideration the members humble financial backgrounds

Advocacy and Civic Engagement

We believe in the empowerment of the community and therefore we are involved in a number of advocacy initiatives aimed at championing for the rights of different members of the society.

Garbage Collection

Garbage/Waste collection is done at house-hold level and is done at a fee. 

Sports Development

HTYG started a soccer academy in 2012 which recruits boys and girls from 10 years of age.

GROUP Photos

These are the recent photos of our group's activities, events and members.